Request for video

Hey there! Glad you're here. PLEASE READ the following instructions on how to view and/or purchase your video:

  1. Fill out the form to VIEW your video(s) below.
  2. A link will be sent to you within 5-7 days. If you would like to purchase said video(s), your video can be paid for via Venmo at @maddie-skillings or I can send an invoice to be paid with a card. This will be reiterated when link is sent to you.
  3. Once purchase is made, I will be notified and will resend you your link to download your video within 24 hours after your purchase. You won't be able to download video until I am able to turn the download mode on. This is just a process for me to ensure videos aren't stolen before payment.

**Please DO NOT screenshot or screen record your video. Screenshotting for "photos" from your video is stealing. Screen recording your video that is personally sent to you is stealing. It ruins the integrity of the video. Please consider supporting a small business before doing so.**

Please email or message me on Facebook with any questions! Thank you for your business :)